• Submission Deadline: 15th January

    We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming issue. For our lucky 13th issue, we are particularly looking for great writing from perspectives that are generally underserved in literature. For example, female, p.o.c., queer, or otherwise magnificent authors!

  • Happy holidays from the SAND team! You can get our newest issue and two surprise past issues for 16,00 € (originally 24,00 €) through December 31. Not only is there beautiful work inside each issue, but they look especially lovely lined up on the bookshelf. Contact sales@sandjournal.com to get your set.

    The white wedding gown – harbinger of hope, vow of love, symbol of fidelity – can sometimes feel more like Snow White’s tightly laced bodice, cinched and ready to kill: “now / they’re bound / for the worn / and glowing promise, / his clavicle yes / and yes her throat,” Alice O. Duggan writes, launching this issue of SAND into an exploration of the ties that bind.
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