• What ties you to me and us to them? From loves to lovers, frenemies to BFFs for life, we build relationships in millions of myriad ways: We meet people in parks and bars, grocery stores, support groups, shopping malls, school, dance classes, gym classes, the internet. Sometimes, they’re family. No matter how or why, our relationships help define who we are.

  • alba. lateinamerika lesen and SAND have decided to take history into their own hands and mix a cultural cocktail. A pinch of Cumbia, a spoonful of British humor, the verb 'to be' stirred together with the Spanish pluscuamperfecto and BOOOOOM! Served in a glass, the perfect chaos creativity needs to come to the surface.

  • There's something simmering at the back of every stove. 

    Get your creative juices flowing and finish up those lingering stories. Edit the dangling participles out of your poem, or edit them in. Whatever.

    Send your fully-cooked pieces of poetry, prose and visual art to the SAND editorial team by December 15, 2013 for consideration in SAND Issue 9. 

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