Shannon Quinn - "Tracking a Low Shot"

David Groulx - "Blue Words Following Stares"

Kate Nacy - "This is Called Agnosia"

Osip Mandelstam, translated by Alistair Noon - "(Verses to Natalya Stempel)"

Jon Lincoln - "The Sex Tourists"

Ottilie Mulzet - "Polite Address"

Jeffery Ryan Long - "The Ala Wai at Night"

Ali Blythe - "Draft H & Pareidolia," "10"

Ana Martins Marques, translated by Julia Sanches - "Three Cities and a Firth," "The House," "Photograph," "Hotel Landscape," "Chair"

Isabelle Rivoal, translated by Allison M. Charette - "Big" (Excerpt)

Hrvoje Tutek, translated by Dunja Bahtijarević - "An Impoverished Worker Talking to Mad Max, Somewhere on the Territory of the Republic of Croatia, in the Near Future, After the Great Event"

Mark Terrill - "A Pair of Darts"

Vassilis Zambaras - "Samizdat"

Tammy Ho-Lai Ming, translated by Tammy Ho-Lai Ming and Ricky Garni - "Scale"

Wolfram Lotz, translated by Marshall Yarbrough - "Concerning the Okánugu"

Joel Vega - "Moulting"

Walter Rheiner, translated by Gijs van Koningsveld - "Cocaine" (Excerpt)

Caleb Salgado - "Loot's Luth (Hommage)"


Dmitry Borshch - "Daughters of the Dust," "The Making of Brothers," "Betrothal of the Virgins"

Shane Sutton - "Emersion on," "Minus One," "Alpha Bravo"

Clark Mizono - "Postcard," "A Question for the Fellas," "Untitled"